A Photo Journey of 2021

2021 Photo Journal

Welcome to my Photo Journal project. My plan is to post 10 photographs each month for the year. I don’t have a theme. My only photographic goal is to follow the generally accepted guidelines which contribute to interesting, effective photographs. My personal goal in posting these is to motivate me to complete the project. Hope you enjoy them.


Yesterday we took Tinker for a walk along Trout Creek when “what to our wondering eyes did appear but a” whole whack of Canada Geese. I had my telephoto lens on, hoping to get a shot of the two red-tailed hawks that were around, so I couldn’t get a wide shot. There are 101 in this photo and I would think there were at least that many out of the frame. The interesting thing, besides the horrendous amount of noise they made was that they were flying northeast. Not sure exactly why that is interesting, but I thought it was.

Played around with still life – nothing’s more still than jewelry not being worn.

A photography group I belong to has weekly themes. This week it’s Serenity. Nothing is more serene than Tinker sleeping on my desk as I work away.

Ever had a totally unexpected epiphany? Ever felt really dumb? Mine was this morning. As I was working on the processing of the amaryllis I suddenly realized why “still life” is called “still LIFE”! These are two versions of the same shot (really, Geoff, I wouldn’t have known…) (For the purposes of my project this is just 1 photo)

Flattening the water of Okanagan Lake at Antler Beach

More play with Terry’s Amaryllis – two variations.

I’ve been trying to get photos of the mountain goats who live just north of Summerland for three years. They were finally out when I had my camera.

This is a section of a tree root I saw in my travels. I see a woman’s hand reaching up and the upper calf of a leg coming down.

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